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2 - 6 players

Recommended quantity:

Beginner: 4 - 5 players

Experienced: 2-3 players

Min age: 16 years

<16 years only with adult supervision


2 players: €40 per person.

3 players: €30 per person.

4 players: €25 per person.

5 players: €25 per person.

6 players: €25 per person.


60 minutes


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The theft of your life.

Within the city walls of Bree, hidden in the Gerdingerstraat, we find an old mansion. Behind the blue front door of house number 13 lives old Mr. John Morton, a retired but very prosperous old man. Morton's past was shrouded in mystery and whispering tales of lost love and fortune. His only companion, Niles, his “loyal” butler, harbored his own ambitions and longed for Morton's elusive fortune hidden in the depths of the mansion.

No matter how cunning butler Niles was, he never managed to find his treasure. Nearing despair, he saw only one solution... Hiring a gang of criminals and sharing the legendary fortune of Mr. Morton with them. Under the deception of a dinner party, Niles arranged for the house to be empty for an hour. The thieves quickly snuck into the house, but were amazed at what they found inside. Mr. Morton had secured his fortune with cryptic puzzles.

As they tried to unravel the maze of riddles, they discovered fragments of Mr. Morton's tragic past. They learned of his lost parents, the fire that claimed their lives, and the love he found in Emma, ​​only to lose her again too soon. With each revelation, the mystery surrounding the house deepened…With bated breath, they raced against the clock as the dreaded message from Niles arrived: “We're on our way home. We'll be home in five minutes. Get out of there!”

“This mission was doomed to fail,” is what the thieves shouted to each other as they fled. Tell Niles that this is not a job for us, he needs a team of master criminals for this...

And so Niles sends out his invitation, looking for the team that will succeed in stealing his master's fortune. Do you dare to enter house number 13 and unravel the secrets hidden behind the blue door? Will you succeed where others have failed, or will the truth remain forever lost in the shadows?

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