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2 - 6 players

Recommended quantity:

Beginner: 4 - 5 players

Experienced: 2-3 players

Min age: 16 years

<16 years only with adult supervision


2 players: €40 per person.

3 players: €30 per person.

4 players: €25 per person.

5 players: €25 per person.

6 players: €25 per person.


60 minutes


Reactor bg

Will you save us from the explosion?

In the heart of Bree, nestled inconspicuously between old houses and picturesque streets, stands a humble building that was known only to a select group: the Reactor. Within its walls lay the most advanced experimental reactor ever created, and at its helm was the brilliant scientist, Dr. Isabella Lovelace.


As the sun sank below the horizon, casting long shadows across the cityscape, a group of people gathered outside the reactor room. They had received a desperate plea for help from Dr. Isabella, who warned of an impending explosion threatening the peaceful town.

With hearts pounding and adrenaline coursing through their veins, the group entered the room. Inside, they found themselves in a vast room full of ominous machines humming with leftover energy. Time was ticking and they had only sixty minutes to unravel the mysteries and prevent disaster.


Isabella's voice echoed through the room, guiding them through a series of complicated puzzles and challenges. Each solved riddle brought them one step closer to preventing disaster. They searched the room for clues, piecing together fragments of Isabella's research and deciphering cryptic codes that opened hidden compartments.


With only moments to spare, they reached the heart of the reactor, a pulsating core of raw energy on the brink of catastrophe. Isabella's voice crackled over the intercom, guiding them through the final sequence that would stop the countdown and save the city from certain destruction...


Did they survive...? Was the explosion prevented…?


Are you ready to accept Dr. Isabellas invitation? Are you the team that will stop the explosion and save the city? Adventure awaits within the walls of the reactor….

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